Learn how to maximize company health benefits while minimizing cost [Podcast]

Health Insurance, for small business owners as well as individuals, can be difficult to navigate. There are tons of options in the market and outside of it, so where do you start? Our guest on this episode of the Capitalist Sage, is Erica Dumpel, founder...

Two Craft Brewers: Facing Challenges, Creating Opportunities, and Branding their Own Local Identities

There’s a lot more to the Brewery business than just making beer. Despite the challenges facing businesses today, Anderby Brewing and Kettlerock Brewery have found their path. Their owners, Preston Smelt and Stephen...

Local Author lifts the curtain to “The Business Side of Restaurants” in new book

In Cliff Bramble’s new book, readers can learn about the real-life facts of owning or operating a restaurant. Based on real-life stories and events, his book teaches essential lessons on the industry’s business side. When Covid-19 forced the closing of Cliff Bramble’s...

How Barter Can Help Small Business During COVID19- Pandemic

An age-old tradition of bartering between businesses is still alive and well thanks to the Southern Barter Club and founder Laurie Sossa, our guest on today’s episode of the Capitalist Sage. Learn how your business can barter and the benefits of working with SBC. Join...

Capitalist Sage: How to Financially Survive COVID-19

Business taxes and financials are already tricky enough to navigate, but with loans and other financially related acts surfacing in a response to COVID-19, the financial waters are even harder to tread. Luckily, in this episode of the Capitalist Sage, Steven Gu...

Fitness, Lift Yoga and How COVID-19 Has Evolved a Business

Owner Lori Denton Shares her Journey On this brand new episode of the Capitalist Sage, Karl Barham and Rico Figliolini sit down with Lori Denton, owner of Lift Yoga and Body to talk about what business looks like in this new world. Lori has been able to figure out...

How One Company Learned to Pivot Their Business During COVID-19, Egoscue of Atlanta

Calvin Murray talks about positioning his business to work in a COVID-19 environment, and how technology and rethinking his approach helped his company Egoscue of Atlanta continue on their mission to eliminate chronic pain and assist those that come to them to enjoy...
link dental care

Learn How One Dental Practice Navigated the COVID19 Locked Down and Reopening

Today on the Capitalist Sage, Karl Barham and Rico Figliolini are joined by Aristo Shyn DMD, the owner of Link Dental Care in Peachtree Corners. Dr. Shyn has been working hard to make sure that his clients and patients, as well as his staff, remain safe during this...

How an Adult and Senior Care Service Pivoted their Business During COVID19

How did one company choose to adapt and pivot their business and stay relevant, during COVD-19? In this episode of the Capitalist Sage, Karl Barham and Rico Figliolini are joined by Aysha Cooper, the owner of McKinley Caregiver Resource Center in Snellville, Georgia....

The Pharmacy Business and People’s Access to Prescriptions During COVID-19

How did one pharmacy owner navigate COVID-19 and still provide access to medicine for their clients? Dr. April Hang, owner of Peachtree Pharmacy joins Karl Barham and Rico Figliolini on the Capitalist Sage. Phone Number: (678) 691-9079Address: 5270 Peachtree Parkway,...

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Karl Barham

Karl Barham

Co-Host & President at Transworld Business Advisors of Atlanta Peachtree

I am an aspiring dream maker. Whether your dream is to sell, buy, or start a new business, I am here to give you professional help through every step. I specialize in divestiture or acquisition of businesses and franchise consulting. My dream is to help your dreams come true.

Rico Figliolini

Rico Figliolini

CO-Host, Creative Director and Publisher, Mighty Rockets

I’m currently a creative director, publisher, social media strategist and podcast producer/host. Recently, I’ve taken on product video production and brand management. Over the years I’ve been a hands-on graphic designer, business development manager, and consultant. When I’m not talking shop, I’m doing the work. Stay safe out there. 

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Our slogan is connect and correct. If we can’t connect with you, then how in the world are we going to be able to help you? It’s not about us at all. It’s all about the person in front of us. Once we do that, we’re able to help correct whatever issues that they do have going on with their bodies.

Calvin Murray
Owner, Egoscue of Atlanta


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